The Marstons Mills Public Library was founded on August 22, 1891 when 15 village residents met at Liberty Hall and formed the Marstons Mills Library Association. Mrs. Hattie Mecarta was elected librarian, and all association members agreed to pay 25 cents in annual dues.


This first library in Marstons Mills consisted of a book case of seven shelves, housed in the local Post Office. In 1893, Mr. Robinson Weeks donated the piece of land adjacent to the Liberty Hall that would become the home of the Marstons Mills Public Library. The Library Association held various benefits to raise money for the building, and in 1894 the Library opened its doors in its present location. The cost of the original building: $425!


The first librarians received no salary for their work at the Library. One of their primary functions was to arrive before Library hours and to build a fire to warm the building. They were also charged with the responsibility of supervising the fire, so that any escaping sparks were snuffed out before they could damage the books or the building!


Early patrons were allowed to borrow only ONE book at a time. This made sense when the library only had a few hundred books and when the librarians recorded every transaction by hand. Overdue fines were 1¢ per day; we've only increased it by 9 ¢ in over a century!


Today, the Marstons Mills Public Library has over 21,000 items and each year more than 40,000 books, CDs, movies and other items are checked out by our patrons. The CLAMS computer system tracks library circulation and assists the librarians in obtaining books and materials from all over Cape Cod and beyond.


As we enter a new century, we look forward to continuing to expand our services to the residents of Marstons Mills.  Please stop by the Library and look at the newest renovations, including our fantastic new Children's Room and Adult Reading Room.