Ways to support your Library

Make a Donation to your Library

As you know, MMPL is not a municipal library- we are a 501 c3 non profit. While we do receive grant funds from the Town of Barnstable, it's up to us to raise around 60% of our operating expenses. This handy Donor page is great way to support your library with convenience.

Please donate to your library to help us provide you with the services and resources that improve your quality of life. Thank you!

Village libraries need the support of their patrons to stay relevant and in tune with their needs


Become a Subscriber!

Why Become a Subscriber?


• The library can better plan its annual budget by having steady support

• For a monthly donation you can begin making a  big  difference at your library.

• The library saves money by the reduced need for pledge requests

• Best of all, you only need to do it once!


Subscription Options

Planned Giving

Why become a Planned Giving Donor?

• Fixed-amount Gift of cash in your will or estate plan equals a tax deduction for the value of your bequest.

• Gift of retirement Plan Assets: name MMPL as the beneficiary for all or part of your IRA, tax-deferred retirement accounts,   401(k), 403(b), Keogh and pension plans. Benefit to you? Avoid income and estate tax on plan distributions, leaving more favorably taxed assets for heirs.

• Gift of Life Insurance, Designated Real Estate or a Percentage. Benefit to you? Estate tax deduction for the appraised value of your property

• Talk to your Financial Advisor- Planned Giving is a win-win!